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Why We Started Build Technology

Build Technology Canada is a team of very talented and diverse people. We are the new generation of Medical Construction in Toronto. When I used to think of a Contractor, the idea of rip-off artist and con-men always entered my mind. It was so easy to spot it. A contractor would always focus on how much was wrong and how much it would take to fix it. They would talk about the vast complexity of the job and make it seem like only they could fix it for you. They would go on and on about the costs of the project. Making it seem like even though the job was expensive, that you were getting a great deal. Once you’d agree to the work, the contractor would bring up all the unexpected extras. The contractor would take a deposit and then not show up for days. They would not contact you, and it would be a never-ending cycle of disappointment. At the end of the day you’d end up with a sub-par job.  It’s an exhausting process and I truly believe it makes clients hate dealing with contractors.

This is why we launched Build Technology Contracting. We have been there.

Our company has vast experience in almost every field. We are electricians, plumbers, tapers, drywallers etc. We have experience in business, architecture, project management, and engineering. What separates us from others? Almost all of our work is done in house. We do not subcontract our jobs. Our jobs are completed by the people at Build Technology Contracting. We are also very experienced in the medical industry. We are the builders of one of the biggest dental facilities in all of Canada.

We are professionals. We are polite, courteous builders. Everyone at Build Technology Contracting is expected to uphold this standard. We also expect it from our customers. We can guarantee that the experience you will have as our client will be a positive one. We will be as open as possible. We will never mislead, or misconstrue the scope of our work.

Want to know more about us? Let’s set up a meeting. Let’s talk about your project and give you an opportunity to let you meet our team. Dealing with Contractors shouldn’t be hard.

Call or email us.