Daily Archives: November 18, 2018

Get what you pay for in Medical Construction is Misleading…

I have a strong opinion about the “get what you pay for” saying when it comes to commercial or medical construction. I have been a customer of flooring contractors, glazing contractors, painting companies, mechanical companies, electrical companies, and all the different services in construction imaginable. I have been a customer of one man owned construction operations all the way to large national corporations and everything in between. The pattern I found was as I hired bigger contracting companies, the quality of work did not improve. The prices were considerably higher, but in my mind I could justify it because I thought i’d get a more reliable and higher end product. The truth is, the bigger the company usually the product and project was worse. I believe this is because there are many more people involved in the larger companies. Bigger companies have the employees, project managers, project supervisors, and usually an owner who is usually not very hands on or involved. Their isn’t really a personal relationship with the people performing the work. Also often times a big company will just outsource some of their work to another company who is even more removed from the relationship between the customer and the contractor. It creates a diffusion of responsibility and oftentimes opens the door to bad workmanship.

On the other hand, I have hired one man operations where the actual owner of the company is doing the work. The price is usually much cheaper and honestly the workmanship is far better. I have had this experience multiple times on construction sites. The owners of the company who did the work were much more responsible for the product they delivered. They were much more willing to work with the client and took a lot more pride in their work. When we started Build Technology Medical Contracting, we wanted to keep a close relationship with our clients. Our workers are the owners of this company. The owners of this company are your plumbers, electricians, HVAC Techs, Project managers and labourers. Everyone here has a pride of ownership and want to do our best for our clients. It’s why I truly believe we are best suited to take on medical and commercial projects. We almost never subcontract our work, and if we do we are upfront about it. So if you are thinking of building a new practice or even if you are doing a renovation, be open to speaking with us or owners who will actually do the work on your project.