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I want to Build a Medical/Dental/Vet office. Where do I Start?

I have been on the client end of negotiating with General Contractors in the past. There has definitely been a valuable lesson that I’ve learned that really has stuck with me. When negotiating with contractors, I always tried to do what was best at that moment. That meant getting the cheapest prices was always super important. Talk to anyone in the industry, quality of construction is going down hill. Even Contractors that are charging lots of money, are in many cases doing very substandard jobs. It is very difficult to find a contractor who is going to give you a great job at a reasonable price. There are many contractors who are getting plumbers, or electricians with no experience in medical jobs to perform medical construction on dental offices, medical offices, and veterinary. Not surprisingly, there are issues in these offices with malfunctioning equipment, leaks and improper installations. Sometimes these issues are noticeable in the short term but often they become more significant in the long term. A great example of this would be for suction lines in dental. Even a bad installation with improper slope can last several years. After a while however, clogs and insufficient suction pressure can persist. This causes many service calls to ensure all equipment performs properly. What clients sometimes don’t realize, that the money they maybe saving today will all be paid back plus much more in maintenance. Get a contractor who has been known to perform high quality work and always ask for a warranty. There are many trades and contractors who will be willing to do work for cheaper prices, but often times it will not be worth the headaches.


Over the last several years, I have been heavily involved in architectural, and engineering meetings. I have visited hundreds of suppliers and have seen all the newest products for commercial renovations for medical offices. From lights, to toilets, ceiling tiles, plumbing supplies and everything in between. We have been able to sift through what adds practical value to medical offices versus products/materials that have not been worth the price. It is always important to think about the long term viability of your commercial medical space. You want to use products that are going to last a long time and be as maintenance free as possible.


Here is a simple yet very useful tip:

You do not want to have to call a plumber in for a clogged toilet ever. You either can get a commercial toilet, which requires larger copper supply lines or use regular plumbing and put in a pressure assisted toilet. We have clients who have put in these toilets and have not had a single issue for many years.


We would love to hear from you, either to provide a quote to build a new office or even as a consultation to talk about how you’d like to build your new office. We have built one of the biggest Commercial Dental facility in Canada and would be honored to give you a tour. We have vast amounts of knowledge in commercial construction, and we only work on medical projects. Get in contact with us!